OGR Partner joins debate on some of the biggest family law questions

OGR Stock Denton Family Partner Graeme Fraser was among the delegates at the Four Jurisdictions Family Law Conference in Dublin last weekend.

The conference, which ran from 26-28 January, was an opportunity for family law professionals to discuss a range of pressing matters.

Items on the agenda included the impact of Brexit on family law proceedings, the role of forensic accounting in matrimonial litigation and the possible implications of the GDPR – a new framework for data protection set to be introduced in May.

The opening address was given by Lady Hale, the President of the UK’s Supreme Court.

A keen user of social media, Graeme live-tweeted the Judge’s address, prompting lively debate about some of the biggest questions facing family law – and even inspiring a blog article on a specialist site.

There was particular interest in Lady Hale’s comment that the Supreme Court does not have the function to legislate for no-fault divorce, which could be significantly ahead of the high-profile Tini Owens case.

Graeme also kept his followers informed of discussion on some of the other key questions about reform, including greater protection for cohabitees, the possibility of extending civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples and whether pre-nuptial agreements should carry greater weight.

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