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Employment Law

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Employment Law

Experienced Employment Solicitors

OGR Stock Denton employment law solicitors have an excellent reputation and, as you would expect, numerous satisfied clients.

As well as legal advice and support for employees and employers, we will also be glad to advise on non-contentious employment issues. For confidential advice on employee shareholder arrangements, director remuneration, and associated legal matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To make an appointment to discuss any aspect of Employment Law please email or phone 020 8349 0321.

Guiding you through
Employment Law

Guiding you through
Employment Law

As an employee

If you have tried to resolve a problem or dispute with your employer without success, we can help. Similarly, workplace bullying and reprisals are not uncommon. Suppose you have received unfair treatment or been subject to discrimination. In that case, it could be time to take advice from an expert in employment law.

If your employer has proposed an amendment to your contract, we recommend you beware of any small print. Usually, it is wise to have a legal professional check the proposed terms before you sign anything. You won’t be at a disadvantage with an expert on your side.

Circumstances under which you can sue an employer

You are entitled to take action against your employer if you can show:

  • Poor treatment. Employees have a right to respect at work.
  • Poor management.
  • Suffering illegal discrimination.
  • Failure to follow company policies.
  • Disputed performance.

Actions in wrongful dismissal cases

Initially, the steps in wrongful and unfair dismissal cases are:

  • Taking your initial instructions, reviewing correspondence and reading other documentation from your employer.
  • Considering your case and advising you on its potential merits and possible compensation.
  • Attempting pre-claim conciliation, especially where required, to try to reach an early settlement.

If an agreement with the other side is not possible, tribunal procedure involves:

  • Preparing your claim.
  • Considering whether a negotiated settlement might be reached through ACAS or directly with your employer’s solicitor.
  • Evaluating the employer’s defence and advising you.
  • Considering a schedule of loss.
  • Preparing for and attending a preliminary hearing (if applicable).
  • Exchanging documents and agreeing a bundle of documents to submit to the tribunal.
  • Drafting statements, including from witnesses.
  • Advising you on the other party’s statements and documentation.
  • Agreeing a list of issues.
  • If necessary, instructing and conferring with Counsel before the hearing.
  • Preparing for and attending the tribunal hearing.
  • Reviewing the decision and agreeing any appropriate actions.

Timescales range from a few weeks for agreements that do not require hearings to several months. Progress depends on the time the other side takes to reply to requests for information and the availability of tribunal listing dates.

Our Legal Team

As an employer

When you have staff on the payroll with significant employment rights, you need a professional on your side to cover employer-employee relationships correctly. When legal questions arise, we aim to add value to your organisation.

Because legislation changes regularly, shrewd business management involves having expert legal service at your disposal. At OGR Stock Denton, our employment law solicitors understand the unique complexities of each case.

Your employment law solicitor will consider the relevant facts and advise on the most appropriate resolution(s). Often, the most pragmatic way to resolve matters promptly and cost-effectively is through an out-of-court settlement.

However, in some instances, it is not possible to negotiate a solution. In these circumstances, a tribunal hearing could be on the cards. When a solicitor or barrister represents your company, you can count on the highly effective presentation of your case to the presiding judge.

Handling an employment law issue for an employer involves:

  • Reviewing and advising the claimant.
  • Attempting pre-claim conciliation wherever appropriate.
  • Advising and preparing a defence or response.
  • Applying to the Tribunal.
  • Drawing up a schedule of loss.
  • Preparing for (but not attending) a preliminary hearing.
  • Advising on obligations re. disclosure and exchanging documents with the other side.
  • Agreeing a bundle of documents for the hearing.
  • Drafting statements, including witnesses.
  • Considering and advising on the opposing side’s witness statements.
  • Agreeing a list of issues.
  • Preparing for the hearing and instructing Counsel.

Thanks to their members’ experience, our employment law team understands both sides’ positions. Carefully, they will anticipate the likely response, evaluate their argument(s) and work to minimise costs wherever possible.


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“I was recommended to OGR Stock Denton and Susan Bernstein and am very pleased to share this and say thank you. Susan was exceptionally supportive and helped guide me through a daunting process. I was very pleased with the efficient and timely manner everything was dealt with. I would highly recommend both the firm and Susan.”

“ The fact that she’s also very pleasant to deal with accentuates her competence and enhances her recommendability.”

Anonymous, Employment Law

“I dealt with Susan Bernstein and she was excellent. I was under time pressure and she was there for me throughout and offered me excellent advice and service”

Dimitrios, Employment Law

“A big thank you to Susan Bernstein for her help and support during my redundancy process, you made the legal part stress free and easy to follow. I fully trust your work and will recommend your services in the future.”

“It is always a pleasure dealing with you. I have quite a few friends who will be asking for your details in the next few months, and I will gladly recommend you to them.”

“Hayley Trovato exceeded all my expectations by handling my case with professionalism, friendliness and willingness to go the extra mile. I am so glad our paths crossed at a time when I needed someone in my corner. I highly recommend Hayley and OGR Stock Denton.”

Charlaine, Employment Law

“ I had an employment settlement case to address and was recommended to contact the OGR team. The person I reached out was not available and I left a voicemail that was returned in a timely manner.

I have been put through to Hayley Trovato, who professionally handled my case and was spot on important detail, asking the right questions. I’m genuinely happy with the help that I received as the case resolved positively. The job was done efficiently, saving time and budget, I enjoyed working with a professional.
Thank you again, Hayley!”

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“ We completed our home move in June, beating the Stamp Duty deadline by 4 days, and were extremely satisfied with the way the whole selling and buying process was handled by Robert Rosenberg. He was super efficient and communicated with us constantly throughout the process. We highly recommend him. and OHR Stock Denton, to anyone looking for a painless and stress-free experience. ” – Colin

“All round brilliant team at OGR. After being badly let down by another solicitor, Priti Shah sorted our parents’ probates quickly and efficiently. She is very knowledgeable and on the ball and structured things in such a way she saved us lots of money. We also had conveyancing done by Ben Menaham which was smooth and hassle free and overseen by Michael Stock. Thank you.” – Monica

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Winston Kan of OGR Stock Denton LLP for the outstanding work he did on my car accident case. He supported me and my family through the long and exhausting process. There were times when I was ready to give up but he patiently and supportively guided me all the way. All the best wishes from me and my family.” – Hana

“A big thank you to Susan Bernstein for her help and support during my redundancy process, you made the legal part stress free and easy to follow. I fully trust your work and will recommend your services in the future.” – Meital

“I owe you a great debt of gratitude for the kind, helpful, empathic way you dealt with me and went about your business at a time in my life when I was suffering huge emotional pain. I did not really understand what was happening to me but you did, and your advice was invaluable”. – Stephen Wiser

“Winston Kan & Michael Stock of OGR Stock Denton LLP have been a great support throughout the process and Winston has demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and genuine care throughout this difficult process. I highly recommend these lawyers, they are very attentive and honourable.” – Aziza

“I called you with a difficult situation and within 30 minutes you had addressed the main issue and very clinically identified what needed to be done. Your attention to detail and your work approach are of such a high standard that i have no doubt whatsoever that any client you deal with will only have good things to say. You are a true ambassador to your firm and your profession, with the care you show and advice you give. I would like to thank you again for the wonderful job you did at such short notice and i have no hesitation in using your services again and recommending your firm.” – Meir

“I must thank you Ian, and Stephen, for your professionalism though the complex and protracted negotiations and for the support, understanding and patience you have shown me personally throughout.” – Malcolm

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