North London lawyer to warn Irish colleagues of the impact of Brexit on millions of families

A Partner at a north London law firm is to present at a major national conference in Ireland next week on the impact of Brexit on family law, where he will warn that millions of families could be affected if satisfactory arrangements are not made.

Graeme Fraser, a Partner at Finchley-based OGR Stock Denton Solicitors and national spokesperson on cohabitation for Resolution, will present on ‘Brexit and the Family Law Practitioner’ at the Law Society of Ireland’s Annual Family and Child Law Conference.

He will warn Irish colleagues of the potential for unfairness and confusion for families once the UK withdraws from the EU.

As many as 16 million international families in the EU could be affected by cross-border disputes and there are approximately 140,000 international divorces and 1,800 cases of child abduction annually.

Graeme will discuss a range of implications for cross-border family law matters and the options available following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, alongside the possible risks and benefits.

He said: “The Brexit debate has been dominated by other issues, but the potential impact on family law and therefore on families could be immense.

“This means that family law practitioners across the EU need to be alert to the difficulties that could arise in the coming years and be ready to deal with the consequences.

“That is why I was eager to accept the invitation to address my Irish colleagues on this issue.”

Graeme Fraser is the only English lawyer to have been invited to present at the conference, which takes place on Friday 24 November in Dublin.

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