Need a probate solicitor in North London? OGR Stock Denton is the answer

The death of a loved one is always deeply upsetting. A difficult time can become more stressful if you are facing the daunting task of administering their estate, but that is where OGR Stock Denton, Probate Solicitors in North London can help.

Depending on your relationship with the departed and the value of their estate, you may also need to apply for probate. This gives you the legal right to administer a deceased person’s estate.

Probate involves valving and collecting in all the money, assets and possessions of the deceased, making the necessary disclosures to HMRC and then distributing them as per the Will of the deceased (or the intestacy rules if they did not have a Will), paying any outstanding taxes and debts in the process.

North London Probate Solicitors, OGR Stock Denton can help you through the whole process, advising on the technicalities of probate and the administration of estates, taking over the burden of all the associated paperwork as well as liaising with the relevant organisations on your behalf and dealing with Inheritance Tax.

The expert team of probate solicitors have years of experience in helping clients through the difficult process, giving them the peace of mind that all the relevant rules are being followed and reducing the burden on your shoulders during a difficult time.

The importance of using specialist probate solicitors such as North London based OGR Stock Denton is more apparent following news of a serious error by Lloyds Bank which has seen them discover a vast amount of old Wills it could not match to any customers.

This means that thousands of families could have been issued with the wrong Wills, resulting in large sums of money and other valuable assets being handed to the wrong beneficiaries.

Some families could be forced to unravel estates that were wound up years ago because of the error.

North London Probate Solicitors, OGR Stock Denton, offer a highly personalised service depending on how much work is required in your case.

Probate usually takes between nine months and a year to complete depending on the size and complexity of the estate, whilst international probate can also be more complicated and take up to two years to complete.

Disputes may also arise during the probate process between the executor, beneficiaries, creditors, or tax authorities which could cause additional delays.

Contact the experts from North London Probate Solicitors OGR Stock Denton today and find out how they can help you at this difficult time.

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