Growing number of women seizing the chance to launch their own businesses

An increasing number of women in Britain are deciding to start up their own business venture, it was reported last month.

The BBC did a feature on those who had been persuaded to launch an enterprise.

Speaking to some of the women who had decided to strike out on their own, the broadcaster found that many felt that it was an ideal way of juggling the competing pressures of work and family life.

Dani Bolser had tried to return to work after giving birth to her first child, but neither full-time nor part-time arrangements had suited her. Last year she resolved to instead start her own company, DeluxeBlooms, selling faux flowers designed at her own kitchen table.

“My husband encouraged me,” she said. “I’ve always been creative. It kind of fits with my love of flowers. Now I can choose how much work I do.

“It’s basically about that flexibility, to say, for instance, you know what, the kids are sick, work just gets put on hold and allows you to be a mum first and for me, that’s just priceless.”

Simon Belsham, chief executive of the website, said: “In the last ten years, thousands of creative small businesses have emerged all over the UK, creating jobs, driving wealth creation and contributing significantly to the economy.

“Perhaps most importantly, however, these businesses are highlighting the huge change underway in the UK workforce – a transformation that is seeing more women in work and more people turning to self-employment and flexible working.”

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