Domestic violence reforms feature in this week’s Queen Speech

Plans to provide greater support for the victims of domestic violence have been confirmed as remaining part of the Government’s legislative programme.

The Draft Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill will set out plans to appoint a dedicated Commissioner.

They would be responsible for standing up for survivors, raising public awareness of the issue and scrutinising the response of both statutory agencies and local authorities.

Prime Minister Theresa May has been accused of preparing a slimmed down Queen’s Speech following the loss of her Commons majority earlier this month.

The challenges for a minority government wanting to pass more radical legislation are well-known and have led to a number of the more controversial policies to feature in the party’s manifesto being either watered down or dropped altogether.

But the changes to domestic violence laws are among the proposals retained, as they are not expected to attract significant opposition from other parties

Mrs May said: “The last seven years…have delivered real steps towards tackling domestic violence – we are punishing more perpetrators, and helping more victims get refuge and justice.

“But we will launch a relentless drive to help survivors find justice and increase the number of successful prosecutions.

“This hidden scandal, that takes place every day in homes across Britain, must be tackled head on. And we must respond to the devastating and lifelong impact that domestic abuse has on children, who carry the effects into adulthood.”

Rebecca Amboaje, Partner at OGR Stock Denton, said:  “It is positive to see the government is committed to improving domestic violence legislation.

“As a social problem, anything that can be done to consolidate the regime must be considered to be progress.”

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