Defiant ex-husband vows to fight on

A divorcee has thrown himself into a fundraising campaign in an effort to take a high-profile dispute about maintenance all the way to the Supreme Court.

Back in February, the Court of Appeal had ruled that Graham Mills should continue to provide financial support to his ex-wife for life – despite the fact that more than 15 years had passed since the collapse of their marriage.

In a highly-publicised judgment, Judges had decided that his ex-wife, Maria, was now unable to meet her basic needs under the terms of the original settlement agreed over a decade earlier.

They ordered that her former husband increase her monthly payments to £1,441.

Mr Mills, the chairman of a successful surveying company, is now hoping to draw together the £50,000 needed to fight on.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, he said “[I] simply cannot lie down and accept this ruling.

“There are thousands of people supporting my view and they all feel it is morally wrong and unfair.”

He said he had been buoyed by these messages from others in a similar position.

For her part, his ex-wife has also spoken out following on from the verdict earlier this year.

“I genuinely believe women get the rough end of the stick after divorce,” she said.

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