Trust pays out £22.1m after girl is left brain damaged

A young girl who sustained a severe brain injury at birth as a result of errors made by hospital staff has been awarded a £22.1million compensation package.

The girl, now 11, had been born at Peterborough District Hospital in October 2006.

But due to mistakes during her delivery, her brain was starved o oxygen and she was left with cerebral palsy – confining her to a wheelchair – and learning difficulties.

As a result of her disabilities, she will be dependent on 24 hour care for her entire life, which is likely to be shorter than it otherwise would have been.

The settlement agreed by hospital bosses will help pay the costs of the specialist care and accommodation that she will need to rely on in the years ahead.

Dr Kanchan Rege, Medical Director at the North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust – which is responsible for Peterborough City Hospital, the successor to Peterborough District Hospital said: “We can confirm that the Trust has agreed on a court settlement for a long-running case involving a child who sustained an injury at birth.

“The care received was investigated in detail but due to patient confidentiality we cannot provide further information about this case.”

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