Trade body sets out strategy to improve conveyancing

The Conveyancing Association (CA) recently published a White Paper on possible options for improving the process for buying and selling homes.

The trade body believes that the Government should consider introducing some of the systems already in place in other countries as part of efforts to make transactions clearer and more transparent.

The Paper follows widespread consultation with property professionals, designed to identify areas which would benefit from reform.

Suggestions include a new requirement to make a legal commitment on offer (aimed at reducing the number of transactions which fall through) and the creation of a secure portal for all communications between parties, reducing the possibility of fraud.

Eddie Goldsmith, the CA’s chairman, said the Paper set out a strategy for addressing some of the main problems with the current process.

“We recognise this is not going to be delivered overnight however neither are these flights of fancy that haven’t been achieved ever before,” he said.

“The solutions we propose are readily being used in other jurisdictions and it is our belief that by working together we can help deliver them into the process here, providing significant benefits.”

Beth Rudolf, who authored the Paper, added: “We recognise that we don’t hold all the answers however we believe this is a strong starting point for the industry, and a real statement of intent.”

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