Susan Bernstein featured in The Guardian

OGR Stock Denton Solicitors Partner, Susan Bernstein, has been featured in the Guardian this week as part an article on dealing with a staff member that is not up-to-scratch.

Susan is quoted in the article, discussing the steps that employers can take when dealing with an under-performing staff member:

“If the poor performance is due to carelessness, negligence or laziness rather than incompetence or aptitude, such as inflexibility, it could be more appropriate to treat it as a misconduct rather than a capability issue.

“Ignoring the poor performance of an employee can destroy morale within a team and it may even be dangerous in a hazardous workplace if it puts employees at risk of injury.”

For further advice on dealing with under-performing staff members, please contact Susan Bernstein by emailing or by calling 020 8349 0321.

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