OGR Stock Denton Solicitors featured in the Guardian

OGR Stock Denton Solicitors Partner, Peter Martin, was featured in the Guardian Weekend magazine this weekend as part of an article on amicable divorces.

Peter is quoted in the article, discussing the circumstances which can make for an amicable divorce:

“In some ways, it is easier for couples without children to stay friends,” … “Once the finances are sorted out, they are able to get on with their lives. They can become friends again, because they no longer have any pressures on them.”…

The full article is available to read of the Guardian website by clicking here and features Peter’s Top Ten Tips for an Amicable Divorce.

For further advice on divorcing as amicably as possible, please contact  Peter Martin by emailing pmartin@ogrstockdenton.com or by calling 020 8349 5477.

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