Mum makes her case at the Court of Protection

The Court of the Protection has been asked to consider the case of a woman who is battling Huntington’s disease and decide as to whether life-support treatment should continue.

The patient’s mother, now in her 70s, has appealed to a Judge for treatment to stop.

The middle-aged daughter has had Huntington’s, an inherited condition which damages the brain’s nerve cells, for over 20 years and her health has declined to the point that she no longer shows any awareness of her surroundings.

Both relatives and medical experts are in agreement that the treatment should come to an end.

Mr Justice Peter Jackson is scheduled to make a decision at a hearing in London later this month. He will have to consider the evidence and make a decision based on what he believes to be the woman’s best interests.

He has already ruled that neither the patient nor her family should by identified in media reports of proceedings.

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