London retains its reputation as an innovation hub

London is still the top destination for start-ups, new research suggests.

Hubspot, the marketing and sales platform, found that the capital is still seen as a more favourable choice of base than the likes of Berlin, Paris of Dublin.

This is in spite of uncertainty generated by Britain’s imminent departure from the European Union.

Indeed, more than 80 per cent of respondents said that London was “a great city for innovation”.

Christian Kinnear, managing director of EMEA at HubSpot, said: “A vibrant accelerator community, a growing number of jobs, and a willingness to move into the tech sector help make London the most innovative city in Europe

“We were encouraged to see over half of the respondents questioned have aspirations to work in the tech-industry; no doubt driven by the lucrative opportunities available. In fact, 78 per cent would actually leave their current job to move to a start-up because of the benefits and perks offered.”

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