Priti Shah features on Nana Akua’s Friday Focus show on channel GB News

Partner and Chartered Tax Advisor for OGR Stock Denton was invited to speak on GB News about the current issues with Probate Law and the importance of obtaining professional advice to avoid contentious disputes

Priti Shah reacts to the probate fee rise in the UK

It seems that everything is going up in price in 2022, and that includes probate fees. On the 26th January, the cost will rise to £273 for all applicants, regardless of the size of the estate. However, the personal application fee will no longer apply, and estates of less than £5,000 in value won’t be subject to any fee at all.

There are approximately 270,000 applications for probate annually. Of those, around 40% are submitted by individuals. The remaining 60% is dealt with by professionals in probate, including family law solicitors.

Richard Denton on London Live to discuss Probate fees and benefits of using a Solicitor v Accountant

The process of winding up a deceased person’s estate can be complicated, and always involves numbers and sometimes tax. Therefore, some people will seek the services of an accountant, under the false impression that the probate process is purely financial. However, it’s both financial and legal, therefore often solicitors are best placed to handle matters, and now that the fee is the same for personal and professional applications, many will now be turning to experts, such as solicitors, to make the process smoother.

Over 50% of adults in the UK have no Will in place, and regardless of your age, status or the size of your estate, getting a valid Will is vital. If you have a family, the need to get a Will is of paramount importance, as it is the only legal way to expressly state what will happen to your child should you pass before they turn 18. So, a will is vital, however if an estate needs to go to probate, solicitors are primed and ready to advise in these uncertain times.

Resolution’s response to the Parliamentary Inquiry

Interview with Graeme Fraser, Partner and Head of Family at OGR Stock Denton, discussing Resolution’s response to the Parliamentary Inquiry

Divorce and financial planning

Recording of our webinar on 23rd April 2021, where our family law experts looked at the practical evaluation and structuring of financial settlements on divorce using counsel in conjunction with an independent financial advisor. By reference to case scenarios, provision for meeting needs during middle life and retirement is explored through mortgage capacity evaluation; funding options; pension sharing; and cash flow modelling.

Cohabitation TOLATA property disputes and the Dispute Resolution Toolkit

Recording of our webinar, where our family law experts use case studies to analyse the benefits and drawbacks for our clients of Dispute Resolution in solving problems of Cohabitation TOLATA property disputes.

TOLATA litigation in the context of cohabitation claims can be risky, uncertain and expensive both financially and emotionally. The COVID19 pandemic has encouraged professionals to move towards Dispute Resolution, including mediation, early neutral evaluation, private FDRs and arbitration, as an alternative method to litigation.

This video will explore how these methods can be utilised in Cohabitation TOLATA property disputes.

Hosted by Graeme Fraser, Partner and Head of Family team at OGR Stock Denton LLP, and guest speaker Elizabeth Darlington, Barrister at 1GC | Family Law

Covid and Divorce…12 months on

Watch the recording of our live webinar, where our experts reflect on the past 12 months and consider the issues for family lawyers as we come out of the second UK lockdown.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

• What are new clients reporting in terms of separation and divorce due to lockdown issues

• Reported case law during COVID-19

• What will never be the same for divorce lawyers again post lockdown

• What could improve when we are out of lockdown

• Professional practice points and the future outlook for divorce lawyers

Hosted by Graeme Fraser, Partner and Head of Family team at OGR Stock Denton LLP, and guest speaker Max Lewis, Barrister and qualified Arbitrator at 29 Bedford Row Chambers.

Bank of Mum and Dad Webinar

With the introduction of the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) holiday in England & Wales there has been a surge of applicants borrowing money from their parents to purchase either their first and second home.

This webinar will look at the legal and tax implications of parents lending money to their children to purchase a home, particularly where spouses and cohabitees are involved, including some recent case examples of how we helped clients in similar situations

OGR Stock Denton Finchley offices

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Pensions and financial planning on divorce – the impact of COVID-19

See our webinar recording where our experts consider the impact of the COVID-19 disruption on divorce settlements already reached, those that are being negotiated now, and what to look for in the new landscape when society returns to a new “normal”.

Guest speaker Mark Penston Bsc AFPS, Chartered Financial Planner with Bluesky and accredited specialist Resolution member sets out tips and potential pitfalls for pensions and financial planning at a time when trusted advice has never been needed more.

Importance of getting specialist legal and tax advice for wills and probate

The current coronavirus outbreak is an obvious concern for many, and the unfortunate reality of the situation is many of those people who will die as a result of the virus will not have made a Will.

Watch the recording of our webinar where our experts discuss the benefits of getting proper legal advice and share experiences where they have helped clients structure their wills to save tax and protect their wealth.

Contentious issues in Wills and Probate during COVID-19

Recording of our webinar on the contentious issues in wills and probate during COVID-19.

Areas of discussion include: – Execution of a will during COVID-19 – Mental capacity in wills including the impact of grief – Inheritance act claims – Advantageous tax strategies

Legal issues for businesses during COVID19

Recording from our webinar last week, where our panel of experts discuss the various issues for businesses during COVID19.

Impact of Covid19 on Cohabitation Cases involving Schedule 1

The lockdown is proving to be a pivotal time for all families, regardless of formal status. Join our live interactive discussion on the impact of lockdown on unmarried parents with children, and as the restrictions begin to ease, how cohabitant claims for financial provision for children may arise now and in the longer term.
This video offers pragmatic and effective solutions to the challenges that lie ahead for those practising in this complex area of family law, with a particular focus on medium as well as high net worth cases.

Explaining the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The Government is taking unprecedented steps to help businesses with their finances during these challenging times and has delivered an economic stimulus package worth hundreds of billions of pounds.

One of the most significant measures introduced is the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which promises to support employees who are furloughed by paying a proportion of their wages – freeing up money for businesses to help them with their cash flow.

There remains a lot of confusion and uncertainty around this scheme and so to help you get to grips with this landmark policy, we have decided to answer some of the key queries we have received.

Reducing conflict over child arrangements

Our Head of Family, Graeme Fraser gives his tips on how parents can reduce conflict over child arrangements during lockdown.

Property Rights for Unmarried Couples (TOLATA)

Our Head of Family, Graeme Fraser explains what TOLATA is all about and what property rights unmarried couples (cohabitees!) have

Legal Issues for Businesses during COVID-19

Recording from our live webinar earlier, where our panel of experts discuss the various issues for businesses and take questions from attendees.

Personal Injury Claims during COVID-19

Our partner in Personal Injury, Stephen Silverman gives his insights on personal injury during lockdown and what precautions people should be taking.

Latest update for Commercial Tenants (COVID-19)

Our commercial property partner, Robert Rosenberg gives us the latest Commercial Property update – 24th April 2020

Enforceability of Commercial Contracts (COVID-19)

Many businesses today are struggling to cope with the pressures of the COVID-19 outbreak. As well as causing unprecedented health difficulties it is also giving rise to huge economic problems around the world.
These will in turn give rise to many legal disputes. Partner, Ian Pearl discusses whether a party is able to cancel the contract and whether damages would be available as a result.

Top tips for Commercial Tenants during COVID-19

Our commercial property partner, Robert Rosenberg gives his top tips for Commercial Tenants.

Practicality and Benefits of Mediation during COVID-19

See our webinar recording from earlier this week, where our family consultant, Peter Martin talks the benefits of using mediation and how this would work with the current government lockdown measures.

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Michael Stock Appears on BBC Breakfast

Our Real Estate Partner, Michael Stock, appears on a BBC Breakfast news story on Rom Skatepark in Essex being listed by the English Heritage.

LexisNexis Family Law Insights Interview with Graeme Fraser

OGR Stock Denton, Partner, Graeme Fraser features in a Lexis Nexis Family Law video interview with Rebecca Bailey-Harris. Hear what our #familylaw expert has to say about the latest installment in the Family Law Insights series.