Firm backs family law association’s campaign for change

OGR Stock Denton this month supported a clarion call from the family law association Resolution to reform the UK’s divorce laws.

The firm took part in a ‘thunderclap’ which took place on social media to raise awareness for Resolution’s campaign to implement a system of no fault divorce.

Peter Martin, head of our Family department, said that apportioning blame “didn’t help” and that solicitors should strive to take a reasonable approach where possible.

At the beginning of December, the association sent a delegation of around 150 members to Westminster to impress on MPs and Peers the importance of fundamental reform to the current system.

They argued that the present laws leave many couples feeling compelled to apportion blame, a trend which they fear leads to increased hostilities in many cases.

Nigel Shepherd, Resolution’s national chairman, said: “We believe in a better way for separating couples that allows them to divorce without blame, conflict or argument.

“We are pleased with the positive reception our calls for no fault divorce received among MPs and we will continue our call for this much required, widely supported legislative change.”

If you need advice on the divorce process, please contact our head of Family Law Peter Martin or visit our website.

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