Family Law Journal – Cohabitation Policy: where are we now?

Partner and Head of the family department, Graeme Fraser has written an article in the Family Law Journal on Cohabitation Policy: where are we now? This article summarises Resolution’s responses to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Rights of Cohabiting Partners and their proposal to reform Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 in response to the Law Commission’s 14th Programme of law reform.

The response to the Inquiry sets out the legislative changes needed to improve rights protection of cohabitants, including a proposed legal definition of cohabitation. The equalities issues raised by the lack of legal protection include relationship-generated disadvantage, the impact of the common law marriage myth on different age groups, and the treatment of religious marriages not recognised in England and Wales.

The article has now been been published on the Family Law website. Read the full article here.

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