Employment Tribunal awards officer more than £400,000

A police firearms officer is to receive a six-figure payout after successfully taking a race discrimination claim to Tribunal.

Nadeem Saddique will receive £457,664 following a two-day remedy hearing, which concluded earlier this week.

Last year, a Judge had ruled that PC Saddique had been victimised by both senior officers and colleagues at Cleveland Police.

During previous proceedings, the 45-year-old officer – who had formerly been tasked with protecting VIPs – had encountered “a culture of bullying and discrimination” in the firearms department.

The Tribunal had heard claims that one colleague had an English Defence League (EDL) sticker on the holster of his weapon.

PC Saddique – the only Asian member of the team – had also felt that he had been unfairly removed from VIP duties.

At the remedy hearing, it had been suggested that there was an “old guard” in professional standards who failed to take race discrimination seriously and this attitude had led to those who complained being branded “liars” or “money grabbers.”

Cleveland Police had insisted the force had learned lessons and was making “comprehensive efforts” to tackle inequality and improve diversity.

Doctors have ruled that PC Saddique is unable to return to work with the police and after signing off work in 2014 he has experienced insomnia and problems eating.

Speaking after the hearing, he said: “This has been a lengthy and extremely difficult process, which has taken a serious toll on my health and my family.”

“I never wanted it to go as far as a Tribunal, but after experiencing problems with discrimination for a number of years within the force and exhausting all avenues internally without success, I had to do something.”

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