The divorce rate among older couples continues to rise

One particularly noteworthy aspect of the UK’s most recent divorce figures is that the number of over 55s looking to bring their marriage to an end continues to increase.

While last week’s statistics showed a fall in the overall number of divorce petitions, in fact the number of older couples who are separating is growing.

The volume of silver splitters has been remarked on a number of times in recent years, with debate about the circumstances driving the trend.

It does not appear there is one definitive reason for why a growing number of older people are seeking divorce, with family law practitioners and relationship counsellors tending to argue that a number of factors are likely to influence a decision.

Generally speaking, over 55s are in a more secure position financially, with their savings and pension schemes making a split a more plausible option.

There is also the fact that a couple who had stayed together while their children grew up, may be more comfortable about parting ways once their sons and daughters have left home.

Other potential factors include the possibility that people are more likely to re-evaluate their lives as they approach or enter retirement and the fact that age gaps, which may not seem all that significant when a couple are younger, pose more of a problem later in life.

Rebecca Amboaje, from OGR Stock Denton’s family department, said: “The number of divorces in 2014 was highest among men aged 45 to 49 and women aged 40 to 44.

“There is no doubt that attitudes to divorce have become more relaxed over time. There are also an increased number of people cohabiting who decide not to get married, so these statistics show the changing face of modern society.”

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