Why couples shouldn’t overlook the merits of a Cohabitation Agreement

A Family Partner at OGR Stock Denton has written a column for the Home & Property website, advising unmarried couples to consider a Cohabitation Agreement.

Graeme Fraser, who is a chair of the cohabitation committee at family law association Resolution, said that couples could not afford to be complacent

With this in mind it can pay to enter into an agreement setting out what each partner is entitled to in the event a relationship comes to an end. This can provide protection against a “costly and bitter” dispute arising at some point in future.

“Many people enjoying a new relationship don’t want to think about the possibility that it could all go wrong,” said Graeme.

“You might be thrilled that your new partner is moving into the home you own to share your life and many couples do indeed live together happily ever after, never bothering to go to the expense and effort of getting married.

“But while married couples and civil partners enjoy considerable protection if the relationship ends, none of these rights apply to couples cohabiting. There have been no rights attached to ‘common law’ marriages since 1753.”

OGR Stock Denton has a wealth of experience advising on family law matters, including drafting or updating Cohabitation Agreements. If you would like further information about our services, please contact Peter Martin or Graeme Fraser or visit our website.

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