Couple embroiled in bitter boundary dispute over garden hedge

A UK couple have found themselves embroiled in a bitter boundary dispute with their neighbours over the ownership of a garden hedge.

Steve and Sandra Marshall, East Yorkshire, first fell out with their neighbours nearly four years ago when they discovered that part of a hedge which they believed to be theirs had been trimmed without their permission.

An ownership dispute quickly found its way to Court, where Churchill Insurance, representing the Marshall family’s neighbours, argued that the boundary had never belonged to Mr and Mrs Marshall.

The disgruntled couple were issued with an injunction, and a Judge ruled that they must allow boundary surveyors access to their property in order to further examine the disputed boundary.

Mr and Mrs Marshall have appeared in Court several times since, after the duo breached the terms of the injunction on multiple occasions – failing to allow surveyors access to their property.

Mr Marshall said: “The injunction says we have to let the boundary surveyors onto the property, but no way are we going to do that.

“It also says we can’t cut the hedge and have to let somebody else onto our property to cut it twice a year.

“If we are in breach of that and go against it, we will be in contempt of court and could lead to fine or time in jail.”

Churchill insurance have failed to issue a comment on the case.

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