Capital remains the most popular choice for start-ups

London has comfortably held on to its coveted title as the best place in the UK for start-up businesses, according new research.

Data compiled ahead of this month’s Small Business Advice Week found that the capital continued to appeal to the nation’s entrepreneurs.

In fact, 68 per cent of start-ups chose to base themselves in the city – with a particularly high number of operations finding a home in the bustling streets of Shoreditch.

Technology continues to power the start-up boom, with a quarter of all businesses operating in the sector. Food, retail and finance are other industries which continue to enjoy considerable success in the UK.

The map of start-up hotspots was plotted using the past three years of Startups 100 rankings.

While London was shown to be far and away the most popular destination in Britain, other cities which have attracted a respectable number of enterprises include Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Cardiff.

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