Brexit could threaten millions of families, warns OGR lawyer

A Partner at OGR Stock Denton has travelled to a major national conference in Ireland, where he warned of the risks Brexit poses for family law.

Graeme Fraser said that millions of families could be affected, if satisfactory arrangements are not made, at the Law Society of Ireland’s Annual Family and Child Law Conference.

Up to 16 million international families in the EU could be affected by cross-border disputes and each year there are approximately 140,000 international divorces and 1,800 cases of child abduction.

Presenting on ‘Brexit and the Family Law Practitioner’, Graeme discussed a range of implication for cross-border family law matters and the likely situation after Brexit.

He said: “Family law is one of the areas where the impact of Brexit could be felt most acutely by individuals.

“My Irish colleagues were highly engaged with this issue and keen to learn more about the steps they can take ensure they are ready for the impact of Brexit.

“I was delighted to discuss the issues at hand from a UK-perspective and there was some excellent input from the delegates at the conference.”

Graeme was the only English lawyer to have been invited to present at the conference, which was held in Dublin.

OGR Stock Denton has a wealth of experience advising on family disputes, including those with an international element. If you would like further information about our services, please contact Peter Martin or Graeme Fraser or visit our website.

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