How 5G will help businesses

5G is set to launch later this year, and businesses will benefit from faster data speeds than they had with the 4G network. According to BT, which has conducted extensive 5G research, 5G networks are around 10 times faster than 4G.

Moreover, 5G has lower latency, which is the time between an action being performed and the response. In fact, 5G has a latency speed of under one millisecond, compared with 19 milliseconds with 4G.

5G will also provide a more reliable and stable connection, and more people will be able to use the mobile network at the same time without interruptions from lots of people using the network in one place.

The network will bring many benefits to business and public sector organisations, as from the launch, 5G speeds will offer superfast data transfer and greater reliability and allow businesses to work faster and smarter than ever before.

According to BT, 5G will support a new generation of converged applications, connecting seamlessly across fixed, wi-fi and mobile networks. This will allow businesses to switch instantly, seamlessly and securely between networks so that they benefit from the best possible connection, whenever or wherever they are.

The benefits are likely to be most apparent in the automotive, transport and logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and entertainment industries. For example, thanks to the quick response time, operations could be performed remotely, allowing local clinicians to be on hand, which could, in turn, reduce wait times and increase the number of operations that are able to be performed.

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